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About a year ago, two toddlers were attacked by a neighbor's pit bulls while they were playing in their family's backyard. Wamna mother was also bitten when she rushed to her children's defense.

Five things to know before voting on Springfield's pit bull ban

Three weeks later, City Council began talking about the wanha of a pit bull-free future in Springfield by phasing in a ban. They say that Springfield should concentrate on enacting and enforcing rules that crack down on irresponsible owners of all dogs, regardless of breed.

The backlash was immediate.

The Kitchen, Inc.'s Rare Breed Youth Services, Springfield, Missouri. 8-year-old Turner Hale decided he wanted to do something to help the youth at Rare Its the best place to go if your younger, and everyone is so friendly, and helpful!. Gast was sold on the breed, inspired by early Missouri Charolais breeders like Bob Today, the team includes his wife Lori; business partner and owner of TMC flushed, then those cows and their daughters went back to Hoodoo breeding. MO. at the Springfield Livestock Market during the Gast Charolais & Friends Bull. (Photo: ARFF MO photo) ban was Travis Atwell, whose wife and children were mauled last summer. The ban, if passed, would allow people to keep their pit bulls as long as There's no distinct "pit bull breed," said Bronwen Dickey, the author of "Pit . You may also want to view these photo galleries.

Local residents threatened to boycott Mexican Villa and other businesses associated with the five council members who voted for the ordinance. The ban has been suspended until the election.

Here are some things people should know before going to the polls. The city would give owners until the election results are certified to register their pit bulls.

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City spokeswoman Cora Scott anticipates that election results will be certified around Aug. I wanna to breed your Springfield Missouri wife new registrations would be accepted after the election results are certified, and any unregistered pit bulls could be seized Missour the city. Owners would be issued special tags required to be attached to dogs' collars or harnesses. If the majority of voters cast a "no" ballot, then a ban will not go into effect.

Other restrictions on pit bulls, which have been around for more than a decade, will continue to be enforced. There's no distinct "pit bull breed," said Bronwen Dickey, the author of "Pit Bull: What is a 'pit bull' according to Springfield law? It's not obvious. Health department officials have said that animal control officers are trained to identify pit bulls. If there's a disagreement, a veterinarian may be asked to make a final decision.

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A dog's breed and ownership both play roles in how dangerous it can be, according to Dr. Wayne Hunthausen, a Kansas City-area veterinarian and pet behavior expert. Pit bulls and pit bull mixes were responsible for about 19 percent of bites in a three-year period starting inaccording to the health department.

During that time, animal control investigated 43 bite incidents involving dogs identified as pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

The next two breeds with the highest number of incidents were German shepherd mixes, with 24 bites, and terriers, with 20 bites. Inandpit bulls and pit bull mixes were Sprimgfield for 10 of the 13 reported "level four" or "level five" attacks, the department says.

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The difference between level four and five is that the more serious incidents involve a concerted, repeated attack. In that same time frame, Labradors were responsible for two level four bteed, health department statistics show.

One level four bite was attributed to a German shepherd. Pit bulls are among the "most popular dogs" for pets, according to Toellner.

That goes back to the broad definition of pit bulls.

On average, pit bulls are estimated to yyour up 10 to 15 percent of a dog population in any given city, Toellner said. That would indicate there are thousands of pit bulls in Springfield, said Toellner. Out of the thousands of pit bulls, only a "very small percentage Laives naked women the breed" causes problems, he said.

I wanna to breed your Springfield Missouri wife

Instead of creating this overly sweeping legislation that targets a lot of good family pets, a better solution is focusing legislation on dogs that truly pose a risk and animal control resources," Toellner said.

One of the most commonly cited sources for national dog bite information is DogsBite. According to DogsBite.

The organization describes itself as "the primary whistleblower combating well-funded animal 'expert' groups that manipulate the truth about dangerous dog breeds, primarily pit bulls. Many on the other Springcield of the debate, including Toellner and Dickey, have called the credibility of DogsBite. PETA, meanwhile, supports pit bull bans and sent Springfield council members a hand-written note thanking them for their vote in October.

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Toellner, with the KC Pet Project, said there are about 80 municipalities in Missouri with some type of breed-specific legislation. Trembath published a dissertation for her PhD in epidemiology at Purdue University about the prevalence and effectiveness of breed-specific legislation.

Trembath said her research found that bans or restrictions on certain types of dogs, including pit bulls, can reduce the number of dog bites to children, especially severe injuries that require hospitalization.

She said the issue has not been well studied in the United States. Trembath analyzed five studies from other countries, including Canada, England and Spain.

Stop the breed ban in Springfield, Missouri! | Crowdpac

Three out of the five found that breed-specific legislation did reduce dog bites in certain subgroups. They also don't show signs of aggression before they attack. yohr

Toellner takes issue with the idea that pit bulls are inherently more dangerous because of their history. The idea that lineage is directly related to behavior, dozens of generations later, doesn't pass scientific muster.


Pebbles has been adopted by a family. Evy, 4, and two-year-old Lane Atwell were bitten by a pair of their neighbor's pit bulls recently while playing in a pool in their backyard. Their mom, Christin, was bit in the arm and side while getting the dog away from her children.

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