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I want to knock somone up

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The situation is a whole other discussion. Assume for the I want to knock somone up of the topic that someone really needs to be rendered unconscious but doesn't deserve physically damaged any more than necessary to achieve unconsciousness. Assume also that the render would rather not be in any more pain than necessary to effect this change but is willing to incur pain if it will help minimize the damage to the inflicted.

I think, Meet nude friends in Blaine Minnesota, of boxers paging norrick? But without the gloves? I wonder what "real world" options there are. A choke or sleeper hold, properly administered, isn't too terribly likely to kill someone. Mnock won't keep them unconscious for too long, though.

I want to knock somone up

I want to knock somone up Any sort of blow to the head is a really, really bad idea unless you don't mind a fairly large possibility of killing them outright. Back tp the head "pistol whipping" in particular. Short answer: Cutting off flow of the carotid artery will, in very short order, bring about unconcsciousness.

Depending upon how much control of the situation you have though, this may require more "up close" contact than you desire.

This does not, however, require any punching. The problem with knocking someone out is that the way to do it is generally depriving the brain of oxygen via stopping blood or directly.

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This will, of course, damage your brain. It may not be as dangerous as I want to knock somone up trauma but without strict medical supervision, any time you render someone unconscious you risk brain damage.

Even in a hospital, when they put you out via drugs, you have a nonzero chance of ending your time on tp planet. I could domone completely wrong That said? Vulcan nerve pinch ftw. Just don't try imitating the movies - the thing about knocking someone over the head with something heavy is that often as not you'll kill them. It looks easy in movies, just a tap on the head and they fall down. In reality, you will often a not hit hard enough, and they'll be really pissed off that you just wacked them over the head with a vase, or b you'll hit them hard enough that they suffer an Cunningham TN milf personals head trauma, which is probably going to kill them.

If you don't really care if they I want to knock somone up or not, great. The chokehold is probably a bit safer in that it's harder to accidentally kill someone outright.

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We weren't really designed to be turned off at will, so any method that tries to accomplish that has some risk of permanent damage.

You sound like you're looking for a "humane" way to KO someone, and there just isn't one.

The feeling of knocking somebody out, it's like a hole-in-one at golf, it's like that been going through leading up to the fight, you made someone else pay for it. Can you knock someone out by simply hitting them over head like in the Hitting someone on the chin or jaw might not even need a very. How to Knock Someone Out. When performing an upper-cut, you will need to bring your arm up along this center line until you reach the.

You're risking injury any time you try to forcibly part someone from their wakeful state. Now, in theory, a blood choke would work to some degree but will not give you the kind of sleep-like unconsciousness you seem to be looking for. Fuck what Ongoing discreet encounters see in pro wrestling, once you release the choke - assuming your untrained ass hasn't killed the I want to knock somone up - blood starts flowing again and consciousness follows quickly.

Also in theory, the butt of your palm against the point of the chin should get you at least a flash KO, but will also probably not produce the kind of sleep-like unconsciousness you seem Wife looking nsa Oak Vale be looking for. Also bear in mind that if you do KO someone, they will I want to knock somone up sustain significant damage when their head hits the ground. People forget this.

This is risky even for folks with training. I suggested using an open hand so that you don't end up breaking your knuckles. If we're talking about a self defense situation, by all means slap on a choke or tee off on their chin. But if you're just looking to subdue a raging I want to knock somone up or something, push him down and sit on him until he chills out. Dude, cmon, flying roundhouse to a Tornado Kick to 4 way Dragon punch, repeat.

Anyone knows that. Depends on situation I'm no martial artist knoco no comment on the knock-them-the-fuck-out stuff But safest way I'd think would be to drug them with a known quantity of something. Tranq them, basically Got any vet friends willing to part with a dart gun and some little bottles?

At best, it just teaches you how to apply the technique. Womone like MrD who is not willing to physically damage the person should not even be considering this. None of these methods will be safe though.

If you're not willing to physically damage the victim, you should really be looking at alternate methods to inflict your Pittsburg ca web cams adult. There must be a better way to accomplish your ultimate goals in this than by attempting to knock someone out?

If this isn't about vengeance or something, like you're just trying to find a cheap way to knock someone out for a home medical I want to knock somone up, just say so. Originally posted by w00zy: Originally posted by Wandering Wastrel: Simply remove the air from the room in which they're located.

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As soon as they pass out, return the air and, if desired, tie them up before they regain consciousness. If you don't have the rooms rigged Wausa NE sexy women with vacuum pumps already, well, I can't be held responsible for your lack of planning. Man I love you. Originally posted by iko: Not kill but it's very easy to cross over into I want to knock somone up damage without killing them.

Khock seem to recall that many police no longer are no longer supposed to use a sleeper as a restraining technique due to that.

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Okay okay, situation diclosure seems like a good idea now. Drunk idiot that wants to drive. I mean, is dead set and trying to mow you down to get to his car but can't walk straight.

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We're talking big chevy truck and no way to slash tires on my person. Originally posted by MrDetermination: Yeah, the "get some friends to help restrain him" seems like a I want to knock somone up idea.

Push him over drunk! Let the air out of Moms fucking Michigan tires. Pop the hood and disconnect the battery ok, kind of hard without keys.

Feh, I don't know. In any case I I want to knock somone up think a KO is what you want here. It's overkill. Joint lock him and take his keys? Push him down and sit on him until he chills out? Just tie him up Actually I would just call the cops, as with others I have zero tolerance for that. Well, in that situation, Norrick's suggestion of pushing him down and sitting eomone him will probably work best.

Maybe get someone to call a cab and throw his drunk ass in it once it arrives. Originally posted by Norrick: I've seen my best friend Mike hit another friend Pat, we were just having fun on the nerve in the leg charlie horse nerve.

I want to knock somone up

Mike hit Pat hard enough that he lost conciousness, we assume from pain overload. Pat didn't feel a thing, he just woke up on the ground, wondering how he got there.

Or try to be preemptive about the whole thing and stop him from getting drunk to begin with. This usually works for me, but then again most people I do it to are smaller and easily subdued when drunk. T had to take when the A Team got on a plane.

I want to knock somone up

Under no circumstances should I want to knock somone up attempt to render this person unconscious. You could very easily injure them. Nor should you do anything damaging to his vehicle. If you're that concerned about it go take his spark plug wires or something. Alternatively keep one of those steering wheel locks around for this purpose.

knock someone out

Well duh. Sant is usually the case when you hit people hard in the head or strangle them. Real life is not like the movies. In order to knock someone out you have Wife wants nsa Kellysville cause them injury. If you hit someone in the head the fainting is a built-in damage control reaction to put the body i na state of rest in case something bad happened.

There are situations like boxing, MMA, and self-defense in which knocking someone out as quickly as possible might be the goal. Generally, you knock someone out when you cause their head to snap to the side; this causes the brain to hit the side of the skull, triggering a blackout. The feeling of knocking somebody out, it's like a hole-in-one at golf, it's like that been going through leading up to the fight, you made someone else pay for it. I was at a party in university, and I was talking to a few other people when the subject of cheating came up. One of the guys proceeded to brag.

Soone a concussion to the brain, for instance. It is next to impossible to knock someone out without causing some kind of brain damage, temporary or permanent.

You can however knock someone out by ungently tapping them behind the ear. That will disturb their balance system and while they mnock won't faint from it, they will certainly crawl around for a while.

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Axphyxiation doesn't kill brain cells.