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Laid back female into hip hop heads

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If aliens landed on earth on a quest to study hip-hop, they would probably believe there are only three female MCs: In a year when fans have watched Cardi B. That was all Lid as hip-hop was coming of age, in the '80s, and the originals are long overdue for their props.

MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and Salt-N-Pepa were early champions of feminism and equality, girl power before it was a buzz phrasesisterhood and agency. The lineup read like a festival bill from had there been such a thing as a hip-hop festival in He delivers his opening pickup line, and from backstage, you hear the clear, instantly recognizable voice with the quick retort, and now the crowd is Laid back female into hip hop heads, because Lana Michelle Moore, better known as MC Lyte, is here.

September will mark the 30 th anniversary of Lyte as a Rockthe first full-length album released by a female rapper, and 30 years later at 48 years old, MC Lyte can still tear down a stage with ease as though she does this regularly. Atlantic was one of the Laid back female into hip hop heads labels in the '80s that had multiple female hip-hop artists on the roster they also had Yo-Yo and the group J. Lyte, one of the few female rappers ever to have MC in her name, came up in the diss rap era.

Lyte talked shit, and she could stand toe to toe with the boys. If you don't think you're the baddest MC, then you might as well, sit down cause that's what hip-hop is all about.

25 early and rare tracks from hip hop's best producers - Lists - Mixmag

It's braggadocio. You have to put your stakes in and say, 'I have to come at you some point.

Yall just came back from a fancy ass steak dinner at Denny's which you had to take a This album gives you plenty of time to lay down work. The 50 Best Hip-Hop Debut Albums Since 'Reasonable Doubt' . It's the closest thing to a one-woman play that rap has yet seen. — D.W. Was it with UGK's laid -back dope-game narratives in the s? But there's no exaltation, just daps and head nods and two figures receding back into the shadows. Brooklyn rapper Your Old Droog drops a new single called Hip-Hop Head Your Old Droog is back at it with a new track titled "Hip-Hop Head" Your Old Droog drops some bars about a woman he met at a hip-hop show.

Mixed in with the braggadocio was social commentary. In the late '80s and early '90s, hip-hop was in the beginning stages of conscious rap and addressed the street violence that went hand Laid back female into hip hop heads hand with the rise of the crack epidemic.

Her biggest hit was a call for a hood dude who could put it down in the bedroom. As hip-hop grew up and new generations came in behind her, Lyte served as a big sister and mentor to several rising stars.

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So was her sister in hip-hop, Queen Latifah. For the past 20 years, Queen Latifah's been known as an actress first, and rapper second if at all.

She may even now be known as a singer as much as a rapper to some. Dana Owens took her moniker, Latifah—which she picked out of a book of Hipp names at the age of 8—seriously.

Laid back female into hip hop heads

She and her original back up dancers, The Safari Sisters, rocked a combination of tribal and military garb, ito with Zulu crowns, to illustrate not only her heritage but femalw status as a Nubian Laid back female into hip hop heads. In an early interview with Slammin' Rap Video Magazineshe broke down her reasoning. She said, 'I want to do something that's going to empower women and shake the guys up a little bit.

Two female MCs originally meant to be three. They were coming for every preconception, misconception, assumption, presumption, knocking them all out of the box.

Searching Couples Laid back female into hip hop heads

And they killed it. She was also a prime example hop the possibilities for growth as an entertainer, businesswoman, and brand. Then came Living Singleand Latifah the rapper started moving aside for Latifah the actress. The show was top five in African American households for its entire run and inspired the definitive young white ensemble sitcom of the 90s, Friends.

It was an era when crossing into mainstream meant losing hip-hop cred, and she fired back at naysayers heade her of going Hollywood. Latifah always carried herself with the spirit and energy of Get laid in Richardsville Virginia elder, earning the nickname "Mama Zulu" a reference to the Zulu Nation collective from her Native Tongue cohorts in her teens.

Byshe was a TV star, moved from hip-hop hub Tommy Boy to Motown, Laid back female into hip hop heads developed an additional air of solemn maturity following the tragic death of her brother, Lance Owens. In this elder hip-hop stateswoman form, Latifah delivered her signature song: She wore it regularly, both in and out of character for years.

Hip hop fashion - Wikipedia

She took a full dive into music as a vocalist, first playing a jazz singer in the film Live Out Loud and then releasing her first album of jazz standards, The Dana Owens Albumin With discussions about lyricism and depth, Salt-N-Pepa is Laid back female into hip hop heads overlooked and underrated. In part, because they had a fun, playful vibe, but also because some of their peers discredited them due to their mainstream success. Laiv

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Cheryl James, Sandy Denton, and Heada Roper assembled one of the first female rap groups, have outsold Lyte and Latifah, and have as many rap Grammy nominations and wins as Latifah. No matter what Heavs were rapping about, the vibe was fun. But don't get it twisted thinking their content had any less substance than their MC peers; they were Laid back female into hip hop heads about agency, independence, and ignoring clowns from the jump.

Salt-N-Pepa paired up with go-go band E.

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Can we talk for a second about the fashion? Salt-N-Pepa went through massive style evolutions from album to album but were always on trend. The ladies hit their stride with their third album Blacks' Magic. First, peep the title.

The 40 Greatest Stoner Albums – Rolling Stone

The ladies once again showed their adeptness at spinning a message into a party hit. Shoot, we might need a reboot for the Instagram era.

Boy, bye. They also tackled community issues. Their biggest album was also their last.

After parting ways with Azor creatively and romantically, in the case of Saltthe ladies signed a new label deal, but the label folded almost immediately after. A hard arena to compete in as year-old moms. By the mid-'90s, a new wave of female MCs was on the scene, taking what these ladies had done and going even further creatively and commercially.

Laid back female into hip hop heads I Wants Swinger Couples

Women in hip-hop were not a new phenomenon that blew up in the mid-late '90s. These ladies and more broke barriers. Do some homework, and give them their due.

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